Changes In The Brain After Chemo

brain anatomy

It seems for some women living with and treating breast cancer, chemotherapy alters normal brain activity and makes performing everyday tasks more challenging. Many cancer chemo patients report reduced mental power following treatments while others report that multitasking is extremely difficult for them once chemo treatments have started. To study the effects of chemotherapy on […]

Understanding Vaccinations: How They Work And Why They Are Important For Public Health

vaccination needs

Vaccination is not a modern invention. The earliest recorded vaccinations made from powdered insects were recorded in the 17th century in India and China to fight smallpox. Over time, with research and a better understanding of how diseases develop, the production and use of vaccines have evolved. Today, vaccinations are mandatory in many countries in […]

Breaking The Preconceived Notions Of Previous Studies: Diets High In Protein Promote Longevity In The Elderly

egg protein

During medical studies before recently, it was thought that a diet made up of protein for anyone over the middle age would be actually bad on their health. But as medical reports show, a high animal protein diet is actually proven to prevent psychological, and physical decline. Shattering the Molds of Previous Studies Another investigation […]