Diseases & Conditions

Symptoms Of Acidosis And Their Affect On The Human Body

Symptoms of acidosis can be alarming for any person who is unaware of its existence in their body or do not understand the disorder. The symptoms of acidosis can be different depend on its cause. Acidosis disrupts proper cellular function and activity, leading to various disease and sickness. Common...Read More

Ebola Virus: Outbreak In West Africa Is Over

Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa is over. This information was published four days ago on 15th of January 2016 by WHO. However soon after this, new confirmed case has been identified in Sierra Leone. Exacerbation of the disease may occur in the coming months. Because topic is very important, I de...Read More

Breast Cancer: It’s A Deadly Disease And Rates Are Rising Rapidly

Breast Cancer – there can be no doubt about it in any shape, way or form that cancer in the breast is easily one of the leader killers of women in the world today. According to research released in August of 2015, there is an estimate that around 300,000 women will be diagnosed with some form ...Read More

Women’s Health And MS Breakthroughs: Is There A Connection?

Multiple-sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system that affects men and women alike, however, women’s health experts have found that female MS patients experience higher rates of diagnosis. At almost three times greater risk, the ratio of women to men diagnosed with MS is staggering...Read More

What Causes Dandruff And How Is It Treated?

What causes dandruff there are many factors that contribute to this problem. However, before we talk about its causes, we have to understand what it is first. Understanding What Causes Dandruff Our skin sheds dead skin cells regularly. With regard to the scalp, a small amount of flaking is understan...Read More

Dry Nose: What You Should Know About

Dry nose is a bothering condition which needs to be treated so it will not get worse. The nose is one of the important external body parts that we have mainly because it is where air is being humidified during breathing and it affects our sense of smell. If it is not treated accordingly, you can dev...Read More