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Exploring The Link Between Sleep Disorders And ADHD

Most health experts treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and sleep disorders as unrelated conditions. However, the two conditions may be fundamentally connected, according a...Read More

Treatment To Curb Female Infertility From Cancer

Treatment to Curb Female Infertility From Cancer According to a recent study, an existing drug has been proven to help protect pre-menopausal women from the risk of infertility associated wi...Read More

Deaths Due Cardiovascular Diseases Linked To Marijuana Remains Inconclusive

Cannabis or most popularly known as marijuana is often used as a medicinal drug. Many people also use the herb for recreation because it produces a high feeling to the mind and body. It also...Read More

Loneliness Is A Social Problem, More Deadly Than Obesity

Loneliness kills. This line could sound so cliché but it seems that there is truth in it. In fact, it could even be deadlier than obesity. It should be considered as a major public health ha...Read More

Find Out If Your Video Game Is Good Or Bad For Your Brain

In a recent study conducted by the University of Montreal and McGill University in Canada, it was found that the kind of video game one plays can impact the brain learning and memory system....Read More