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Mediterranean Diet Health Benefits Exclusive For The Upper Class

Imagine a diet that chooses only to benefit those who have having higher income or are highly educated. It may sound discriminating, but this is the result that the Italian I.R.C.C.S Neuromed shows from its most recent research which involved 18,000 subjects within the Moli-Sani project. The study w...Read More

Summer Hot Information About Ticks And Lyme Disease

Here comes summer season and unfortunately, also a season for ticks and Lyme Disease. Ticks are small crawling arachnids living by sipping on blood of mammals, birds and at times, reptiles and amphibians. Bacteria from ticks may cause an infection called Lyme Disease. An infection characterized comm...Read More

More Vapers Successfully Quit Smoking Shows New Research

Withdrawing from smoking may not always be easy and could use some help of e-cigarette. It is found that there are more e-Cigarettes users who attempt and ditch smoking cigarettes successfully by 15%, according to the new and biggest study conducted recently, compared to those who are non-e-cigarett...Read More

Mysterious Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Lab Test Diagnosis Dawns Possibility

The mysterious sickness believed to affect at least a million people in the U.S called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) often shows no signs in diagnostic laboratory tests. This condition wonders many patients and doctors but now shows possibilities of being measured. Th...Read More

Alarming Decrease In Sperm Counts In Western Countries Revealed In A New Study

A new study that appeared in the recent July 25 issue of the journal Human Reproduction Update, reveals a concerning evidence of decrease in sperm count of about 50%. The study exposes that the decrease is found mostly in the Western countries in the past few years affecting the decline in the male ...Read More

Antibiotic Course Need Not Be Completed Entirely, BMJ Experts Argue

Here’s a refreshing advice for those who are not really into taking antibiotics in full course. Experts from BMJ urge to reconsider completing antibiotic courses entirely. They argued that stopping the antibiotic course early doesn’t really have enough evidence that it encourages antibiotic resistan...Read More