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Hydrogen Peroxide Ear: Find Out About Conditions And Treatment

Hydrogen peroxide ear therapy.

Hydrogen peroxide ear treatment is an easy, natural approach. There are numerous ear conditions that can be treated with hydrogen peroxide. People of all ages can have healthier ears.

Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Wax Treatment

Ear wax is more than annoying. When left untreated, it can lead to health problems.
Persistent ear wax can result in hearing impairments, and increase the risk of ear infections. You should never attempt to remove excess wax with cotton swabs or other foreign objects. It can cause wax to become lodged further into the ear canal.

Hydrogen peroxide ear: hydrogen peroxide chemical structure 3D balls on white background.

Hydrogen peroxide ear: hydrogen peroxide chemical structure.

Hydrogen peroxide is a better, safer solution. All you need to do is mix equal parts of water and peroxide in a small container. Soak the mixture into a clean cotton ball. While tilting your head, squeeze a small amount into your ear. The mixture will start to bubble. Allow a few moments for the peroxide to work. You will notice a tingling feeling as it bubbles. After the process is completed, allow the mixture to drain out of your ear. This process will dislodge wax that is stuck in your ear canal. It will soften the ear wax so it is easier to remove. Your hearing will improve, and your ears will be healthy.

Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Infections

Ear infections do not always require a trip to the doctor and antibiotics. In many cases, minor infections can be treated with peroxide. Place a few drops of peroxide in your ear. You can use an eyedropper for this purpose. The peroxide will begin bubbling and foaming. Allow the bubbling to continue for ten or fifteen minutes. The bubbling will stop automatically. Allow the peroxide to drain out by tilting your head. Excess ear wax will come out at this time. You should wait a day or two for the next step.

Place a small amount of warm water in your ear. This will remove more wax and dirt. Using a fresh cotton ball, squeeze a small amount of rubbing alcohol in your ear. Allow the rubbing alcohol to drain out. The purpose of the alcohol is to keep your ear canal dry and clean. In most cases, this is all it takes to clear up a minor ear infection. However, if the infection persists, consult with your physician.

Hydrogen Peroxide Ear for Ear Aches

Ear aches can range from bothersome to extremely painful. Peroxide is a simple home remedy that produces results. Using an eyedropper or a small syringe, insert five to ten drops in the affected ear. Allow it to bubble for ten minutes. Drain the peroxide out of your ear. You can either use a clean eyedropper or your shower to rinse the ear with warm water. You may be surprised to find your ear ache has vanished without taking any pain medication. If you are prone to ear aches, always have hydrogen peroxide in your bathroom’s medicine cabinet.

Hydrogen Peroxide Ear: Prevent, Treat Colds and Flu 

Many health experts agree that bacteria enters the body through the ears. When bacteria is in your body, you can develop a common cold or the flu. You can use peroxide to kill bacteria so you do not develop cold and flu symptoms, or treat the symptoms if they have already appeared. The simplest approach is to fill the peroxide bottle cap with hydrogen peroxide. This is the correct amount for an adult’s ear. Carefully pour it into your ear, and leave it for up to ten minutes. Drain the peroxide onto a clean, fresh tissue.

Repeat this process for your other ear. Some physicians feel this is a useful method for avoiding colds, flu, and other upper respiratory infections. If you have already contracted an illness, peroxide can relieve the symptoms and result in faster recovery. For the best results, use the peroxide as soon as you notice the symptoms. If you wait, it will not be as effective. Some studies show approximately eighty percent of the illnesses can be cured with peroxide if it is used in the early stage of the illness.

Peroxide for Pierced Ears

Hydrogen peroxide ear: close up image of female ear.

Hydrogen peroxide ear: female ear.

Freshly-pierced ears are prone to infection. Although the infection occurs in the outer ear, it can become serious if it is not treated. You may not need an antibiotic cream if you take appropriate steps with peroxide. Clean the fresh piercing with a fresh cotton ball dipped in peroxide. If you do this regularly as your ear heals, you may not develop an infection. Peroxide can also clear up an infection if it has already occurred. Make sure to remove your new earrings before you clean your ears with peroxide. Peroxide can be used to remove bacteria from the earrings, too.

Hydrogen Peroxide Ear and Swimmer’s Ear Condition

Swimmer’s ear is not limited to individuals who swim. Anyone can develop this condition. Swimmer’s ear occurs when water is allowed to remain in your ear canal. People who do swim can experience more complications when the water contains bacteria, chlorine, or other substances. Swimmer’s ear can be prevented and treated with peroxide. When you use peroxide to keep your ears free from wax, water will not become trapped in the ear canal. Your ears will not become inflamed, infected, or irritated from swimming.

You can also use this method if you have developed symptoms of swimmer’s ear. It will relieve the symptoms and restore your ears to good health. Use an eyedropper or ear dropper for this purpose. Afterward, use a hairdryer to remove every trace of moisture from your ears.

Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Tinnitus

If you are occasionally bothered by tinnitus, and it is not caused by a medical condition, you can try peroxide for fast relief. Tinnitus can be caused by ear wax, certain medications, loud noises, and even stress. Use a small amount of peroxide in the affected ear. It will dissolve excess ear wax, leaving your ears clean and healthy. It could be the only remedy you need to end the ringing in your ears.

Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Cleaning

You may be fortunate and never experience ear problems. You can still use peroxide to clean your ears. Occasional cleaning with peroxide will keep your ears clean, healthy, and free from bacteria. You can use a fresh cotton ball for this process.

Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Precautions

While peroxide is safe, consider some sensible precautions before using hydrogen peroxide in your ears. You can prevent unnecessary problems. First, there are some symptoms that require medical attention. If you are experiencing severe pain in one or both ears, notice fluid discharging from an ear, or have a fever, seek medical attention instead of using a home remedy. You could have a serious health or medical issue that requires immediate treatment. Second, do not use hydrogen peroxide on infants without a doctor’s approval.

Although babies are prone to ear infections, you need to know your child does not have an underlying medical problem. Only use peroxide for your baby if your physician recommends it. Third, avoid peroxide if you have a punctured eardrum. It can be harmful to your middle ear or mastoid cavity. Consult with a doctor instead of trying a home remedy. Fourth, the strength of the hydrogen peroxide should not be more than 3%.

Stronger peroxide is not meant for home health purposes. You can determine the strength of your peroxide by reading the label on the bottle. Fifth, note the shelf-life of your peroxide. Do not use it after the expiration date. It will also lose some of its potency after the bottle has been opened. Although old peroxide is not generally harmful, it loses its effectiveness. You can buy a fresh bottle for approximately one dollar at your local pharmacy or grocery store. Most people do not think about their ears unless they develop a problem.

This is unfortunate, as ear health can greatly affect your overall health and your quality of life. Whether you develop pain, an infection, or hearing impairment, peroxide can treat an ear issue that it could have prevented. Regularly cleaning your ears with peroxide can prevent these issues. Although you should ask your doctor before using it on small children, hydrogen peroxide is safe enough for your entire family.

Think of how much better life can be when no one develops colds or the flu, and everyone has excellent hearing. This is why a fresh bottle of hydrogen peroxide should always be in your medicine cabinet. At approximately a dollar per bottle, it is an economical approach to your family’s health.

If you do not use a full bottle, it is easy to buy a new one. You can talk to your family and your personal physician about the benefits of peroxide. You will not find many products for home health that are as inexpensive, easy to use, and effective. Buy a bottle, and always have it at home. As soon as you experience the benefits, you will be glad you chose hydrogen peroxide ear health and treatment.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Ear: Find Out About Conditions And Treatment
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