Podophyllin Resin: The Effective Treatment For Genital Warts

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Genital warts, condylomata acuminata in medical terms, are signs of Human Papilloma Virus or HPV infection. This virus is sexually transmitted through skin-to-skin contact. These warts should be treated medically as soon as they are detected to avoid further development of other life-threatening diseases, such as cancer. It’s important to understand how it is spread, how to detect it, and how it can be treated effectively.

Seek Medical Attention after Initial Detection

The earlier these warts are treated, the better and faster the restoration process will occur. This infection can affect a person’s health, well-being, and lifestyle. During this time of infection, it is essential not to have sexual intimacy or intercourse with another person.

Podophyllin resin: Genital warts infection in female

The infected person is advised not to have sex to avoid the spread of infection and causing trouble for another person. The warts can sometimes be real tiny in initial stages and it can grow bigger and numerous as time elapses. When these warts are recognized, seek medical attention to stop them through effective medication. Doctors will examine the extent of the infection and will give necessary treatments in accordance with the level and scope of the infection.

Medication for Genital Warts

It takes some time for a wart removal treatment. One effective medicine that is gaining popularity among medical professionals is the podophyllin resin. This resin is a rhizome of the plant called Mayapple and comes from the wild area of Eastern North America. The medicine from this resin is effectively removing genital warts by stopping cell growth. A condyline podophyllotoxin solution is the name of the manufactured formulation or medicine that has podophyllin resin as an active ingredient. This medicine works by powerfully penetrating wart tissues and prevents wart cells to multiply further, thus stopping the spread of warts. These wart cells will eventually die during the treatment course and new normal skin will develop in place of the wart cells.

How to Use the Condyline Solution

The condyline podophyllotoxin solution should be applied directly on the warts twice every day for three days. It is usually applied in the morning after taking a bath and in the evening after bath. It is also important to make sure that the area is clean and dry. Use a clean applicator stick and never use fingers or hands. Apply the medicine on the warts and allow it to dry up by itself. Wash hands after every application process. The doctor recommends this treatment for three days.

However, if the wart removal process is not effective, the doctor will typically recommend continuing the treatment again after a week. For health reasons, follow medical advises and ask questions if in doubt.

Condyline Solution Warnings

This medicine is for topical uses only, never apply on broken or damaged skin. This solution is not recommended for pregnant women and to a mother actively breastfeeding a baby. Never use this solution if allergic to any of its active components. This is not endorsed for children under eighteen years of age as the effects are not tested on children. Warts in women are usually treated with doctor’s supervision as well as larger warts in men.

Podophyllin resin - Mayapple plant is the source of Podophyllin

This is to avoid overdosing of the medication and gradually lead to more serious problems. This solution has ethanol as one of the active ingredients, which is flammable. Be reminded always to keep it away from fire. Never smoke while applying this solution.

Side Effects of the Medication

Common condyline side effects include redness, itchiness, and burning sensation on the area of application. These side effects can be avoided by monitoring the amount of solution that is applied. Don’t apply more than what is needed and never apply on unaffected or healthy skin areas. Some doctors suggest applying petroleum jelly on skin areas surrounding the warts as not to damage normal skin cells. Swelling can also develop as a side effect if you are hypersensitive to podophyllin resin. Avoid getting it into eyes, wash and rinse it immediately and thoroughly in cases of accidents.

Seeking medical attention when needed is the crucial step to take to maintain a good health. Be aware of this kind of virus and remember that it’s important to stop the spread of this disease.
Start giving your body the necessary care that it deserves before you will totally regret in the end. Though curing warts doesn’t guarantee freedom from the HPV, but it can definitely make a big difference in one’s condition as it can give more confidence.

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