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Smokers Who’ve Managed To Quit, Love Tomatoes And Apples

Smokers who've managed to quit, are in love with fruits.

A recent study, that was published in the European Respiratory Journal, has given smokers who’ve managed to quit hope for improved lung function. Improving the damage done to lungs by smoking has long been a concern for former smokers. Once they actually quit smoking, some must still deal with the negative health repercussions that linger even after quiting the habit. This can be discouraging to those that have managed to quit. The study has shown that a diet high in tomatoes and fruit, particularly apples, can improve and repair lung functions.The study also indicates that the diet helps slow the natural aging process of lungs.
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The study included 650 adults from Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom. The participants had their lung functions analyzed before any diet modification. The participants were then given diets high in tomatoes and fruit, apples in particular. Ten years after consuming the special diet, the participants lung functions were analyzed once again. The study showed that those who consumed two tomatoes and 3 portions of fruit daily had more improvement in lung function versus the group who only consumed one tomato and one portion of fruit daily.

The study showed improvement in lung function, lung repair, and retardation of the aging process of your lungs. Even more interesting is that the healing effects are dramatically more noticeable in former smokers and those with COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is believed that damage from smoking is targeted specifically causing the more drastic results for former smokers. The results of the study were dramatic enough to encourage dietary recommendations by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. It is important to note that for those with COPD the diet should supplement, not replace, current medications.

They also made the dietary recommendations for those who do not smoke or suffer from COPD as well. Lung functions typically start to decline when a person reaches the age of 30. This diet can help to retard this natural process. Because of this fact, this diet is being recommended for all adults over the age of 30.

The findings are fairly new and it is not conclusive as to what makes the diet effective for improving lung functions. It is speculated the high concentration of anti-oxidants in these foods play a big role in good lung health. A diet high in anti-oxidants has proven to be a healthy choice for anyone. This type of healthy eating has several health benefits that have already been shown. Anti-oxidant rich diets continue to illustrate new positive health benefits previously unrealized. It is giving more strength to the importance of eating a Mediterranean or DASH diet.

So, if you are one of the many smokers who’ve managed to quit, or if you suffer from COPD,consider a diet that includes a daily intake of tomatoes and apples. Over time, the diet will help the body repair damage that occurs as a result of smoking, and will slow the natural aging process of the lungs while improving function. It is important to remember that the diet should be used in supplement to any medications taken for your lungs. Do not discontinue the use of medications.


Smokers Who’ve Managed To Quit, Love Tomatoes And Apples
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