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Are All Types Of Cancer Dangerous?

Types of cancer - mortality.

Most human beings have in some way or another been affected by cancer at some point in our lives. Whether it was a relative or a spouse cancer is never an ease subject to deal with. Is this a reason to live our lives in fear?

Scientists have claimed that not all cancer needs to be treated straight away. They state that in some cases it can be monitored for prolonged periods of time without requiring treatment until it becomes necessary to do so.

The majority of middle-aged men dread the moment they are told they have to go for a prostate examination. Then there is the stress and anxiety of having to wait for examination results come in. What most men don’t realize is that they have increasingly more choices of treatment, if their condition is found at an early stage. This is now the case in most developed countries around the world today. Let say for example, some prostate tumours are deadly, but most grow so slowly that men will actually die of some other condition before the tumour is actually a threat to one life.

So why not seek treatment straight away?
Many people find it hard to accept being diagnosed but not all cancers are destined to result in death. Treatments such as surgery, radiation or hormone therapy can cause impotence, incontinence, infections, low immune system, anemia (low red blood cell counts), nausea, vomiting. constipation, the list goes on. These can result in the treatment doing more harm than the disease itself.

There are many natural and herbal products/treatments that can aid in helping ease the suffering, pain and symptoms cancer sufferers have. You may or may not have heard of the many success stories about people changing their diet and lifestyles, which resulted in them being diagnosed as ‘’cancer free’’.

In an article, 10 Natural Cancer Treatments written by Dr Axe on his website, he writes about how his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent therapy and made a recovery. Only to be diagnosed again some years later. At this point Dr Axe had gained a significant amount of experience and knowledge working in the natural health field. So his mother took his advice and started an all-natural diet plan that included vegetable juicing, probiotic foods, immune boosting supplements, stress reducing techniques.

Her condition improved vastly in the space of four months and a year later she was diagnosed as being ‘’cancer fee’’. This is just one example of how knowledge, determination, diet, mediation and prayer can help us heal naturally. If you are or know someone who has been affected by cancer, why not look into natural remedies and treatments. It could change yours or their lives…
Please note that we are not implying that all cancer is curable with natural products and remedies, but rather that it can have a significant impact on the recovery process.

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Are All Types Of Cancer Dangerous?
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