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More Vapers Successfully Quit Smoking Shows New Research

More Vapers Successfully Quit Smoking

Withdrawing from smoking may not always be easy and could use some help of e-cigarette. It is found that there are more e-Cigarettes users who attempt and ditch smoking cigarettes successfully by 15%, according to the new and biggest study conducted recently, compared to those who are non-e-cigarette smokers.

Smoking brings a lot of harmful side effects into the body if done excessively and for a long period of time and one of the most common sickness that one can have from smoking is lung cancer and several other mouth diseases.
There are several ads and campaign against smoking showing the adverse effects of smoking. People who would like to withdraw from smoking have tried various ways to end smoking and one of the ways is to substitute cigarettes with e-cigarette which is becoming more and more popular in the market today.

A research and study has recently been conducted to show the effectivity of vape to help smokers abstain from smoking cigarettes and it seems that the result shows that it is indeed helpful.
The research and study reveals that people who smoke e-cigarettes have higher success rate of abstaining from cigarettes for 3 months compared to the smaller percent of traditional cigarette smokers.
The said research has raised several opinions and point of views from different public and health sectors around the world.

Queen Mary University director of health and lifestyle research unit, Peter Hajek for instance, who was not involved in the study, has aired his opinion. He said that e-cigarettes have clearly and obviously helped smokers. E-cigarettes reduce the amount of cigarette that they smoke as it has become a substitute to harmful cigarettes.
He said that the use of vaping devices should not be strictly regulated in the market so that smokers can still have what they want without harming their health.

If e-cigarettes are really helpful is not yet known and proven. E-cigarettes are really helpful in reducing the negative effects of cigarette smoking to people. This is according to the director of the American Heart Association’s Tobacco Research and Addiction Center Dr. Aruni Bhatnagar.
He warns that it is yet to be proven if using e-cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes has adverse effects after long use.

On the other hand, Professor Christopher Bullen of public health at the University of Auckland, said that there will be dramatic or almost immediate public health benefit if all smokers would choose to totally switch to smoking e-cigarettes. Smoking can cause health problems. The ill effects of vaping are most likely to be rare compared with the harm of smoking cigarettes.
There has also been renewed efforts earlier this month from a House panel to stop the Food and Drug Administration from requiring safety reviews of e-cigarettes that are /already on the market.

The research was carried out by the University of California in San Diego. They have analyzed the data and information that was collected by the US Census from the years 2001 to 2015.
Also data shows e-cigarette users that were identified through the survey conducted recently. The rate of those who have quit smoking that were acquired through reports by cigarette smokers themselves just 12 months before the survey was conducted.

The positive result of the study that was published on BMJ journal reveals that 65% of the vapers have attempted to quit smoking. This count is greater than that of the 40% of cigarette smokers. Thus increasing the chances of totally quitting the habit.

8% of the e-cigarette vapers have successfully refrained from smoking cigarettes for 3 months against the 5% of traditional smokers who were not able to stop.

“Daily Mail” – E-cigarettes DO help smokers quit: Vapers are 15% more likely to try and ditch the habit

More Vapers Successfully Quit Smoking Shows New Research
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