3 Day Detox Diet And Everything You Need To Know About

3 day detox diet to clean your body

A 3-day detox diet is among the several fad diets currently gaining immense popularity, also including the 14-day detox diet. The detox diet plan is so disintegrated, almost every self-proclaimed nutrition and diet expert is coming up with his/her version of the 3-day detox diet.

Contrary to popular belief, the name “3-day diet” doesn’t denote the weight loss program ends in three days. It implies the majority of the fat-shedding happens in the first three days of the detox diet. The diet works by limiting calorie intake in the initial three days and sustaining the healthy diet for the next four days. Complete results are likely to be seen after a few weeks or month.

Those keen on losing more weight can repeat the cycle as long as they prefer or until their bodies don’t fall apart (not literally, though) during the process. They may even opt for a 14-day detox diet.

3 day detox diet cleanse

Unlike most fads, the 3-day detox diet is no recent phenomena. It first came into prominence in 1985 and had been chugging along quite well for the last three decades. The 14-day detox diet has similar origins too.

Sample 3 Day Detox Diet Plan and Recommendations

Like any detox recipes, try eating throughout the day regularly, to sustain energy levels and ensure zero hunger pangs.

Breakfast: For breakfast, consume a cup of oatmeal that’s topped with some blueberries and 12 chopped unsalted almonds. You can even start your morning with green tea. Remember, the tea isn’t your breakfast drink. For the smoothie, make sure to have lots of berries along with other ingredients.

Lunch: For lunch, a good detoxing meal should entail a couple of cups of mixed raw greens with broiled salmon (4 ounces), chickpeas (1/2 cup), olive oil (2 teaspoons), and fresh pear with balsamic vinegar. Moderately fry three cups of various vegetables such as sprouts, bok choy, carrots, and snow peas with sesame oil (2 teaspoons) and cubed firm tofu (1 cup). Have the dish with brown rice (1 cup). This is a sample meal for the day, amounting to 1555 calories.

Dinner: Have lots of vegetables and fruits for dinner. If possible, feast on greens. Even better, go completely liquid – perhaps a rich blend of your favorite fruits and vegetables.

organic salmon in 3 day detox diet cleanse

• Take in the antioxidants

For the three days of detox recipes, focus on consuming vegetables and colored fruits, beans, and whole grains. Antioxidants bring to life liver enzymes that eliminate dangerous substances and render them water soluble. This means your body would become much efficient at eliminating them easily. Kale, spinach, and cranberries are highly rich in antioxidants and must be a part of your detox recipes.

• Chemical Detox

Onions, eggs, and garlic are sulfur-rich and help the body make glutathione; it’s antioxidant. The natural component is especially great at knocking out toxins, which includes heavy metals like arsenic and mercury.

• Go Organic With Your Detox Recipes

As per a recent study of chemicals and food toxicology, pesticide-laced food is linked to major diseases. Organic detox recipes are therefore ideal. However, if organic items are not to be found, choose thick-skinned produce (that peel off) for your detox recipes, as they are least likely to get contaminated.

• Drink Plenty of Fluids

A major aspect of the 3-day diet or even a 14-day detox diet is peeing, pooping and sweating out the toxins from your system. In other words, consuming water (8 to 12 glasses per day) or decaffeinated beverages is essential. The increased hydration will also show in your skin.

herbal tea in 3 day detox diet cleanse

• Eat Clean

Steer clear of processed foods (food items made of unrecognizable or hard-to-pronounce ingredients), fried food, fast food, dairy, caffeine, sugar, red meat, and white flour. Your goal should be to avoid any food item from your detox recipes that comprise the calories you’re working hard to eliminate.

• Snack Healthy

If you cannot let go your snacking habit, ensure you nibble on organic nuts and fruits, or a basic salad topped with some slices of salmon or chicken. Use some olive oil or lemon juice for dressing.

• Sip Herbal Teas

Herbal teas come in different varieties and colors. Regardless of the variety, herbal detox teas help support liver function and digestion. A licorice-based herbal tea expels mucus; ginger tea stimulates circulation and expedites the toxin removal process.

• Curb Sugar Cravings

If you cannot have your tea without sugar, brew some licorice tea. Licorice has a compound that is much sweeter than sugar. This should help tamp your sweet tooth down.

• Go Light for the Next 3 Weeks

After some days post the diet, you should be able to get off the couch with much ease, thanks to the receding effects of starch, sugar, and alcohol. Carry on with the restrictive food habits and lifestyle, and you’ll witness a major surge in energy with your blood sugar, weight, and cholesterol ticking down.

Does the 3 Day Detox Diet Work?

By now, you should have probably realized considerable fat or weight loss in three days is next to impossible. To lose a pound of fat, a 3500-calorie deficit must be created, which is practically not possible within a couple or three days. When you shed more than two pounds in a couple of days, you are losing water and perhaps some muscle too.

That is why regaining lost weight post the detox period is quite possible. To ensure any weight gain is nullified after the detox period, eat less than what your body requires, which should ultimately bring down your calorie intake. The amount of calories you should be losing daily depends on your activity level and gender – generally ranging between 1200 and 1800 calories.

The key to success can enjoy the process. The 3-day diet shouldn’t seem like an ordeal you want to get done with at the earliest. If so, you may not complete the diet or quit midway. To make things easier, it’s recommended you pick your choice of fresh produce that add the least number of calories. If you aren’t sure about the calorie content, get in touch with an expert.

Caveats and Risks

3-day detox diets claim to help you expel toxic substances out of your body, which in turn supposedly improves health and energy and reduces some weight. But, as per a 2008 Today’s Dietitian article, there aren’t any scientific pieces of evidence supporting these claims.

Many studies have confirmed such rapid weight loss methods are hard to sustain. If you are healthy and your kidneys and liver are working efficiently, your body can detoxify itself naturally almost daily and discard harmful elements through sweat, urination and bowel movements.

Therefore, before kick-starting a 3-day detox diet, select a food plan that supports your liver and kidneys’ normal functioning. This means adding juices to diet, and also whole foods high in fiber, low in fat, and nutrient-rich. A 3-day diet must include lots of fruits, veggies, and yogurt rich in probiotics. Other food options include lentils, beans, fish, whole grains, unsalted seeds and nuts, fresh herbs, vegetable oils, spices, and water.

• Fluctuating Results

The 3-day diet may not work the same for everyone. Some past users have reported considerable weight loss in the first three days, only to regain all the lost weight in the next few days. Other users didn’t see any major loss of pounds, but their bodies were able to adjust to the limited caloric intake.

• Health Concerns

According to some users, the major decrease in weight was courtesy of the nutrient deficiencies instigated by the diet. This weakens the immune systems and organs and increases the risks of heart problems or gallstones.


A typical 3-day detox diet may sound healthy, thanks to the herbal teas and fresh fruit juices. But they cannot be long-term solutions for your weight issues, especially if you spring back to your old, unhealthy lifestyle post-diet. However, they’re certainly the ideal way to jump-start a weight loss campaign.

Before taking on the plunge, talk to your doctor. For instance, such restrictive diets don’t turn out a healthy diet option for quite a few people – such as pregnant women, teens, and individuals with chronic ailments such as diabetes, heart disease or kidney disease. If you have severe medical issues, you are recommended against the diet plan.

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3 Day Detox Diet And Everything You Need To Know About

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