Breast Cancer: It’s A Deadly Disease, And Rates Are Rising Rapidly

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Breast Cancer – there can be no doubt about it in any shape, way or form that cancer in the breast is easily one of the leading killers of women in the world today. 

According to research released in August of 2015, there is an estimate that around 300,000 women will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in the breast every year, while an average of 40,000 will succumb to the disease.

That would mean that just under twenty percent of the women diagnosed with this form of cancer will not survive the terrible ordeal. An interesting thing to take note of is that the earlier that the cancer is diagnosed, the better shot you or someone you know will survive and win the battle.

The Risk for Breast Cancer

While it is advisable to deal with and get yearly check-ups to see if a woman is at risk for the disease, you must know that at whatever stage the issue is discovered it, there are treatments available to help you beat this disease and minimize the risk.

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Outside of lung cancer, cancer in the breast is the leading cause of death for women in the United States right now. There are a plethora of factors that help determine if somebody is at risk for the disease and we will take a look at them here.

The factor you cannot control in any way, unfortunately, is age because it has been shown that the older a woman becomes, the risk for getting this kind of cancer will go up.

This is especially true for women fifty years and older, so check-ups must be done more regularly as your age becomes more advanced. Previous cancer history is another factor in keeping an eye on because if you had previously contracted the disease, then a woman will have an even bigger risk of getting the disease as time go on, with that risk growing with each passing year.

A family is crucial when it comes to whether or not somebody is at risk for the disease because if a first-degree family member (mothers, sisters, etc.) had or have the disease before, then your risk of getting it can increase to around 50%.

Understanding and having a generally good knowledge of your families’ medical history will help you in the long term when it comes to the risk of getting the disease. In other breast cancer news related to family history, you may be predisposed to cancer because genes you may have inherited from birth can be linked to cancer as well.

A history of other cancers from ovarian cancer and beyond can also be a leading cause to get cancer because having others forms of cancer can increase the odds that other cancers can take shape in your body as well.

We spoke earlier about family history, and history comes up in another way here because a person’s race and ethnicity can also play a factor in your odds of getting the disease. Race and ethnicity play a factor because there are women of certain races and ethnicity that can get the disease more frequently than others.

Another big factor that can determine your chances of encountering this form of cancer has to do with your personal lifestyle choices. That is because things such as weight, lack of physical activity, alcohol usage and eating choices can be a determining factor for your odds of getting the disease.

How to Prevent Breast Cancer

We have spent a ton of time talking about the various methods that can put somebody at risk for cancer, so now we should start taking a look at ways to prevent that cancer from ever entering a person’s body.

For women with certain BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations, they can have a preventive removal of the breast or breasts with a procedure commonly known as prophylactic mastectomy can be performed with the approval of the doctors treating a person. 

This procedure is an extreme scenario, but it nearly eliminates the risk of cancer in the breast by only 5% of those who had the procedure done had contracted the disease in the future.

The reason this procedure is labeled an extreme one is that there will be both emotional and obvious physical changes a person will have to go through before and after the procedure is completed.

Another preventive measure to avoid this form of cancer is a preventive Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer known as chemoprevention. Chemotherapy is a form of drugs that are given to candidates who are at a higher risk to contract the disease; there are also a set of drugs given to those who have a lesser chance of contracting this form of cancer in the breast.

The best way to get involved with Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer is to speak with your physician to see if it is a good idea to start the treatment to possibly put an end to the risk of getting this disease. Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer needs to be performed by the best doctors, so be sure that when you are getting Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer, you are picking the right doctors to get the job done.

Earlier in this piece, we spoke about how certain lifestyle choices can lead to a higher risk of receiving bad breast cancer news, even the rare inflammatory breast cancer. If you feel you are on the bad side of those lifestyle choices like inflammatory breast cancer, you must make those changes to your lifestyle to not only be healthier in general but to avoid any form of inflammatory breast cancer in the future.

Something simple like eating healthier, exercising more and watching what you put into your body can make all of the difference in the future. It is the choices we make in the present when it comes to our health that will be affecting us in the future when it comes to our chances of getting something such as inflammatory breast cancer.

Contracting the Disease

Let’s now travel a dark road that some women in this world are forced to travel down every day, which is the reality that they have contracted this form of cancer. Unfortunately this will happen to a lot of women in our lifetime, and hopefully one day it will all go away, but presently, forms like inflammatory breast cancer have not.

If you have contracted the disease, the most common form of treatment is to have surgery or surgeries to remove the disease from your body. A mastectomy, or removal of the infected breast, is usually the most common form of surgery and usually the most effective.

Once the surgery is complete or even sometimes during the initial removal, there may be a need to get reconstructive or plastic surgery done. This procedure will allow a doctor to use the necessary medical tools to replace the portion of the breast that has been removed with silicone implants, that way when cancer has been removed, your breast can look like they originally did.

Sometimes it will take multiple plastic surgeries to get the appearance of the breast back to the way it once looked before the mastectomy is performed. The best option is to have all your doctors and surgeons correspond with each other if this has to be done to make all procedures involved as potentially painless as it can be.

The last form of treatment we will be taking a look at in this piece is radiation treatment, which uses high energy x-rays and other particles to kill the cancerous cells in your body. Many forms of radiation can be used to treat and hopefully destroy the disease; your doctor will team with you if this treatment is necessary to ensure the best methods are being used on you.


Any form of bad breast cancer news is a horrendously scary thing to have to face, so getting all of the knowledge you can ahead of time when it comes to contracting, preventing and potentially getting treatment on the disease will make a hard road to travel a little bit clearer.
The best chance to defeat a cancer of any kind is not just treatment, but to have the knowledge to both emotionally prepare and to know what the road ahead is going to be like if you get bad breast cancer news.

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Breast Cancer: It’s A Deadly Disease And Rates Are Rising Rapidly

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