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Strength Training: Your Heart Health Could Depend On It?

Is Strength Training Good for Your Heart? Many individuals automatically think of cardiovascular exercises when they consider workout routines that are good for the heart. The heart-health advantages of aerobic exercise cannot be disputed. However, strength training can also significantly enhance he...[Read More]

What Are Some Everyday Precautions You Take To Protect Your Bones

To keep good health, everyday precautions to protect your bones are essential. The best ways to keep your bones healthy are: Stick to a proper diet Do not forget about vitamin D Limit alcohol, coffee, and nicotine Do regular weightlifting and aerobic exercises Limit your salt, sugar intake and avoid...[Read More]

New Year’s Resolutions And New You!

New Year’s Resolutions are the perfect time to invest in yourself, your family, friends, and things that matter to you. However, every year there are millions of people who use their New Year’s Resolutions for goals that will only fail. This time around, your New Year’s Resolutions...[Read More]

What Lack Of Love Can Do: The Effects, Consequences, And Insecurity

What lack of love can do? There are some statements that the lack of love stems directly from having sin in our lives. The passage of scripture described as ‘the greatest commandment’ speaks to loving God with all our heart, soul and mind. This type of love goes beyond mere appreciation ...[Read More]

Forgiveness And Your Health: Research And Conclusions

Forgiveness and your health have a specific relationship, although it may not seem that way at first. Whether it is an argument with your spouse or a long-held resentment toward a friend or relative, unresolved conflict goes deeper than most people think. Fortunately, research has uncovered that the...[Read More]

Proper Workout Routines: The Well-Rounded Approach

Proper workout routines offer benefits to both a beginner and an enthusiast. Workout routines help you stay on top of your exercising schedule. After all, exercising is not just bulking up or losing fat. The ultimate goal is to gain optimal physical and mental health. Those with such a long-term per...[Read More]