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Flat Foot: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Of Pes Planus

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The term ‘flat foot’ is used to describe a medical condition where the arch of the foot collapses. That means the sole area is in full contact with the ground. Only about 20% or 30% of the population suffers from it.

The people who ‘do’ suffer from flat foot are either bi-laterally or uni-laterally affected. This is a situation that is not life threatening in any way or neither is it a disability. However, it can cause a person to seem clumsy and make them prone to accidents.

Why Does Flat Foot Exist?

Well, the technical term for flat foot is ‘pes planus’ and it exists for several reasons. The following is a list of causes for developing this condition –

having flat foot

Genes – The genes are among the most common reasons people have flat foot. It’s more than likely that the parents suffered from flat foot as well. It is unlikely, although not impossible, it may manifest in all of the children of those who have it as well.

Undeveloped Arches – When it comes to infants and toddlers they simply haven’t been around long enough to develop an arch yet. So parents should not be unduly concerned. An undeveloped toddler arch should begin to develop later on in the toddler years. As for undeveloped arches, it is baby fat that’s the reason this conditions exists in their lives at the present time.

A Medical Condition

There are medical conditions like tarsal coalition, nervous system conditions, injury, arthritis, elasticity because of pregnancy, and muscle diseases that are the most common conditions to cause flat feet.

The Wear and Tear

Flat foot can be caused simply by the wear and tear on someone’s feet. As people grow older the daily activity of a person over the years can really take a toll on their feet and cause their arches to collapse. Inflammation and weakening of the arch can damage their tendons and eventually cause this condition to occur.

What Does Flat Foot Actually Do to The Feet?

Anyone with fallen arches knows that the effects of flat foot develop slowly over time. Some degrees of the condition can be detrimental to your overall health and other degrees are quite manageable. Some of the consequences of having flat foot can be things like:

Knee Pain
Joint Problems
Back Pain
Heel Spurs
Painful Walking
Arch Pain

and more. It can make putting on shoes a difficult experience. However, these consequences don’t manifest all at once and at the same time. There are some individuals who have flat feet and never have to suffer from most of the conditions on the list above.

term flat foot

How to Manage Flat Foot

There are a few ways to combat this condition and keep its effects down to a minimum. Not all of the following methods are foolproof, however, they can most definitely lessen flat foot’s impact:

Shoes – Because of he complexity of this condition it’s no wonder there are so many shoe brands manufacturing specially designed footwear for those who have flat feet. It is highly recommended if you have flat feet to seek out and buy these types of shoes. They are literally everywhere today. You should also try to find shoes with arch support in them. These are not hard to find and can be obtained from a doctor or a clinic.

Drugs – Sometimes the answer is taking some sort of anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain. You should make sure these drugs are non-steroidal and are found being sold over-the-counter.

Ice – Some people find pain relief through the applying of ice to the foot.

Surgery – One of the most popular solutions for flat foot is surgery. There are different types of surgery including:

The Repairing of a Torn Tendon.
A fusing of the Foot or Ankle Together via the Manipulation of the Bones.
A Cutting and Reshaping of the Bone to Align it and Connect it Properly.
A Replacement of the Tendon With the Aid of Another Tendon.

Physical Therapy

If a person is scared to have surgery and isn’t ready to go under the knife and risk an operation, then physical therapy can be an appealing alternative. They will have to visit with a specialist to get an assessment as well as a regimen for alleviating pain and improving their condition. This is a very popular route for many people and it really does improve their lives.

These are just a few of the things flat foot sufferers can to to help relieve flat foot pain. Anybody who has any foot issues needs to visit with a specialist immediately and ask for advice and/or treatment concerning their feet.

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