Health And Fitness – 7 Basic Mistakes You Should Never Commit

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Health and fitness is an $84 billion global industry that has grown by over 25% in the past five years. Hi-tech gyms and exercise centers, new-age exercise programs, diet tips—the industry offer a wide range of options designed to help individuals become fitter and healthier. Despite growing awareness about the importance of health and fitness, there is very little evidence of people becoming healthier and enjoying a fitter life. So, what is going wrong?

Why are those lifestyle-related issues obesity, diabetes, and other conditions continue to rise in the USA and other parts of the world?  Read ahead for more information on some common mistakes that can affect your health and fitness negatively.

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Treating Fitness as a Commodity

Health-related fitness activities fail to offer benefits primarily because people commit the mistake of treating it like a commodity that can just be purchased and consumed. Buying expensive muscle fitness equipment and hiring a professional trainer is no guarantee that the individual will exercise.

An individual’s motivation to exercise and stay fit depends on many factors. From his or her office workload and diet to a friendly environment at home— many variables will affect the individual’s ability to plan and stick to a sensible exercise regimen.

Health and Fitness: Ignoring the Connection with Lifestyle

Our fitness levels are determined primarily by the lifestyle we follow. Many persons make the mistake of thinking that it is impossible to have a lifestyle that is simultaneously healthy and fun. The good thing about our body is that it can adapt to any lifestyle and remain healthy as long as one incorporates certain habits and practices.

Skipping the elevator or escalator and opting for the stairs may seem like a minimal and insignificant exercise. Climbing a few flights of stairs two or three times a day for 300 days in a year can yield fantastic benefits. Apart from improved lower body muscle fitness, this activity will help keep the heart and lungs in good shape.

Incorporating healthy living in one’s lifestyle is the easiest way to exercise. Playing a sport once a week or going to the gym on the weekends will supplement such lifestyle-based exercises and help the individual stay fit despite having a busy schedule or a hectic lifestyle.

While one should shy away from investing in equipment and other resources, it is imperative to understand that the right lifestyle is the best way to enjoy a stronger and healthier body and mind.

Not Listening to the Body

A one-size-fits-all approach towards health-related fitness activities is based on a flawed premise. Some people become fit and healthy without any significant effort by participating in sports. Others benefit by activities like swimming that cause comparatively less damage to the tissues. Some others gain muscle fitness by relatively sedate options like walking or light jogging.

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Going to the gym just because everybody is doing the same is a strategy that is unlikely to work. If pumping iron or lifting weights does not appeal to you, then forcing oneself and going the gym is unlikely to result in sustainable benefits.

Exercising should be fun. The body should be conditioned to look forward to the adrenaline rush that results from strenuous exercises. Converting muscle fitness activities into a chore that must be compulsorily performed is not a sustainable strategy.

Being Unrealistically Rigid about Discipline

If physical activity is a part of your lifestyle, then it is evident that your health-related fitness regime will resemble other aspects and facets of your life. A person who is not comfortable following a rigid daily routine is unlikely to enjoy going to the gym daily. If you are an impulsive person who works by his or her own rules, then trying to follow a diet determined by a third person may be virtually impossible to follow.

There is no doubt that discipline is a critical aspect of health and fitness. However, the individual must inculcate discipline in his or her lifestyle. Simply trying to be disciplined about muscle fitness routines is not a smart move. Instead, do what you enjoy and try to ensure you meet your daily quota of muscle fitness activities to the maximum extent possible.

Focusing too much on discipline and ending up quitting exercising altogether after a week will cause more harm than good. Instead of trying to become a new person, be pragmatic and focus on becoming fitter and healthier.

Underestimating Your Efforts

The average individual who is aware and concerned about his or her health-related fitness often makes numerous efforts to become healthier and fitter. From thinking about starting a diet to inquiring about gym membership—we are always trying to incorporate exercise into our lifestyle.

We often fail to continue exercising simply because we underestimate the benefits of our efforts. Many individuals quit going to the gym simply because they took a 2-3 day break after the initial week or fortnight. People often presume that their efforts have gone waste and that there is no point continuing any further.

Exercising for even 10-15 minutes a day will help us enjoy numerous benefits. Instead of simply quitting, one should stay motivated and start again despite having taken a break. This simple trick will help you develop the physical and mental stamina to continue the regimen.

Under Utilizing Technology

New technologies can have a revolutionary impact on the way we manage our muscle fitness regimen. Why go to the gym when you can have a web-based interaction with your trainer at your convenience? Bored of exercising alone but not interested in going out? Just set up a video conference to enjoy a group exercise session with your friends from the comforts of your home.

As blood testing technologies become simpler and easier, you can do a before-and-after analysis of your blood and hormones to assess the impact of specific exercises and routines. This can help you determine whether that 15-minute basketball session with your friends helps you burn more calories as compared to your 30-minute walk on the treadmill.

What is more, all your health-related fitness decisions will be based on hard data and numbers. You can then come up with a custom-designed fitness lifestyle that is fun to follow daily.

Further, technology can help you understand the correlation between various aspects and facets of health and fitness. Does your body react well to diets? What should you consume before exercising? Which food is the healthiest option for recovering lost energy? Just having the right apps on your smartphone will help you come up with a smarter and more effective regimen.

Ignoring Mental Fitness

What is the point of becoming a strong-muscled person who is angry and grumpy at all times? Health-related fitness activities focusing solely on the body without considering the mind is of no use whatsoever. Just as a fit body is something more than just a body without any ailments or diseases, a fit mind is something more than a mere absence of depression and other conditions.

The human mind is significantly more complex and more delicate as compared to the physical body. Hence, our work routine, personal lifestyle, and many other factors determine our mental strength. Happily, there are numerous ways and options to improve one’s mental health. Simply laughing out loud on a funny video can destress your mind and make you feel better and healthier.

Spending time with loved ones is a smart option that will create a happy environment at home, which will automatically make it easier for you and all your family members to enjoy a strong mind. Further, a healthy mind will make it easier for you to follow your exercise lifestyle in a disciplined manner.

Individually, the mistakes described above may not seem like a big deal. However, the combination of these errors often leads to a situation where we end up ignoring our health despite having all the right intentions.

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Health And Fitness - 7 Basic Mistakes You Should Never Commit

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