Meal Plan To Lose Weight And Its Health Benefits

Meal plan to lose weight fast and safely.

A meal plan to lose weight includes over 50 million Americans who are currently enrolled in weight loss programs at any given time. However, only five percent enjoy long term success and keep the unwanted pounds from returning.

This is because many people do not understand that long-term weight loss requires patience and a serious commitment to making appropriate lifestyle changes. Therefore, they may embrace fad diets instead of a specific meal plan to lose weight. This usually offers unsatisfactory results.

Participating in an exercise program and eating healthy foods are the only proven ways to lose weight and prevent it from coming back. Below is a weight loss plan that has demonstrated better success among dieters than some of the more traditional programs.

Meal plan to lose weight fast.
Leafy salad with raspberries, tomato, and cheese, this is a good idea for the meal plan to lose weight.

Understanding the Role of Fat

You would probably agree that many conventional diets fail. There are many reasons for this, such as the foods on which they are based. You may be afraid that you will never achieve your weight loss goals because you cannot seem to eliminate fat from your diet.

If this is the case, you are needlessly worrying about something that is not as big a problem as you may think. Fats and proteins are greater allies to any weight management program than sugar and starch. Researchers are just beginning to admit that this is true.

For years, so-called experts have touted high carbohydrate, low-fat plans as the only way to lose weight quickly and keep it off. Unfortunately, many of their followers discovered that shedding pounds became more difficult, rather than easier when such meal plans were used.

However, many of those same people found that shedding stubborn pounds becomes much easier when healthy fats and proteins are consumed.

Reinventing the Wheel

For example, the promoters of low fat, high carbohydrate diets often overlooked the fact that there were only two natural sources of food throughout most of history. Our ancestors primarily ate what they grew or what they killed. This shows us that for thousands of years, people have followed a simple diet featuring vegetables, fruit, meat, chicken and fish as its primary source of calories.

Fish, poultry, and beef have zero carbohydrates, and the majority of vegetables also have very few carbs. For this reason, since the beginning of time, the standard diet of a human was essentially based on proteins and fats, and very few carbohydrates. Even though fats are often described as unhealthy and cited as a cause of heart disease and stroke, scientific facts tell a different tale.

The best meal plan to lose weight fast.
Good quality protein in your meal plan to lose weight: beef steak with carrot, spring onion, and rocket.

For example, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke have skyrocketed at an alarming rate over the past 40 years, after people were convinced to shun fat instead of high carbohydrate eating programs. This reinvention of the wheel has increased in obesity, diabetes, belly fat, and heart disease.

Experts must now admit that encouraging people to base their diets on starch–as the widely promoted “food pyramid” has done–only made obesity worse for many individuals. Certain health experts now argue that it is improper to consider starch a “food group” at all since all fare that falls under this category is essentially human-made, rather than natural.

No one should be concerned that following a low carbohydrate diet or eating moderate amounts of animal fats is “dangerous.” Instead, they should seek a better understanding of human metabolism and how it functions.

The Best Meal Plan to Lose Weight Fast

All calories come from carbohydrates, protein or fat. Carbohydrate calories are burned first when the body needs fuel. They can be complex or simple. Simple carbs are merely sugars, while complex carbohydrates are found in whole grains and vegetables.

When you consume food, your bloodstream releases insulin to guide cell behavior. The amount of insulin released depends on the foods you have just eaten. Carbohydrates are burned first, followed by proteins and finally, fats.

If your meal contains a high number of carbohydrates, your cells attempt to use them quickly.

This is because sugar can damage your blood vessels when allowed to loiter in your bloodstream. Released insulin also communicates to fat cells to remain intact. This is because stored fat is not necessary for energy if you are eating carbohydrates.

The problem comes in when you consume too many carbohydrates: fat is not released for energy, and the excess sugar remains in your bloodstream until it is stored as additional fat. This creates a vicious cycle of obesity. Fortunately, the cycle can be broken with the use of a better meal plan to lose weight.

Diet, meal plan to lose weight fast and effectively.
Healthy breakfast as part of the meal plan to lose weight.

The human body must have carbs to function properly. If carbohydrates are slashed and replaced with proteins and fats such as fish, meat and low starch vegetables, your body must burn stored fat to fuel itself. Fats and proteins also satisfy hunger, rather than promote it, as do carbohydrates.

You have probably noticed throughout your life that when you eat high starch meals, you are hungry again a short time later. You might also notice that after eating a dinner of baked chicken and a large portion of vegetables, you are too full for another serving. However, when a cake is served, it is easy to “find room” for a second piece. This is another example of how your body reacts differently to starch and protein.

A True Balanced Diet

If you have ever talked with friends and family about a low-carb diet, you were likely warned against embracing such a meal plan. Well-meaning friends or relatives probably told you it was not a “balanced” diet. In reality, however, it is the high carbohydrate diet that is not balanced or natural.

If you follow the guidelines of the food above the pyramid, you will consume up to 300 grams of carbohydrates a day, primarily from starch. Unfortunately, your body cannot process that many carbohydrates daily unless you are an athlete.

Therefore, they are stored as fat. This is precisely what you are attempting to avoid. For this reason, you are much better off building your meal plan to lose weight on better food choices than those containing starch.

Appropriate Foods for Successful Dieting

Eating protein and healthy fats and shunning flour and sugar is the best approach to permanent weight loss. Below are the foods around which you should build your meal plans to burn fat and lose weight:

• Beef
• Poultry
• Eggs
• Fish
• Hazelnuts
• Vegetables
• Berries
• Brazil nuts
• Walnuts
• Salad
• Whole grains

When your diet is built around such fare, you will notice that you are less hungry, experience little or no blood sugar fluctuations and can more easily find the energy to exercise regularly. Because proteins essentially work as appetite suppressants, try to have at least one high-protein meal each day.

Lemon water in meal plan to lose weight.
Warm water with lemon – this should be your daily drink in the meal plan to lose weight.

Additional Tips

It is also important to consume enough water, as this helps your cells to release stored fat and metabolize proteins. Never allow yourself to become dehydrated, as this will signal your body to slow your metabolism.

Pay attention to the number of calories you consume based on your height and weight. This is because–regardless of the diet you follow–it is necessary to create a calorie deficit to shed pounds successfully. However, you will find it much easier to stay within your calorie limit if you avoid starch and sugar.

Eating out of boredom or for any reason other than true hunger will sabotage any diet. Fortunately, eating proteins and healthy fats will help eliminate the habit of eating when you are not truly hungry.

By eliminating foods that sabotage your goals, you will find it much easier to follow a healthy meal plan to lose weight. Finally, it is always wise to seek the advice of a physician or health care practitioner before starting a meal plan to lose weight by implementing a new diet and exercise program.

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Meal Plan To Lose Weight And Its Health Benefits

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