What Causes Low Blood Pressure: Reasons, Treatment & Remedies

Low blood pressure treatment options.

What causes low blood pressure? There are many different causes of low blood pressure. Some medical conditions increase the risk. Individuals with heart conditions, diabetes, neurological disorders, Addison’s disease, and anemia are some examples.

A serious burn, shock, or injury can cause blood pressure to drop. Additional causes that require medical attention include low blood pressure during pregnancy, anaphylactic shock, blood loss, an infection, and nutritional deficiencies. Low blood pressure can also be caused by some medications.

There are factors not related to health issues that can cause a drop in your blood pressure. Your blood pressure can drop after a meal, when the temperature becomes too warm if you are not getting enough exercise after you have been asleep for hours, and when you are stress-free and relaxed. You do not need to become alarmed if you experience minor low blood pressure at these times.

Low blood pressure treatment can help you feel better and healthier. Although low blood pressure is rarely dangerous, there are facts you should know about this condition.

What Causes Low Blood Pressure: Treatment

There are some cases in which treatment for low blood pressure is essential. The first example is if you have a serious medical condition. With a preexisting condition, low blood pressure can increase your risk of heart failure and other life-threatening issues.

A second example is if the symptoms of low blood pressure are severe. Not only can the symptoms interfere with your daily life, but they could also be a sign of an underlying medical condition.

Find out what causes low blood pressure.

A third example is if your symptoms begin suddenly. Your doctor will need to determine the cause.

While these serious issues require an evaluation from your doctor, low blood pressure treatment can be helpful in other instances. Even if you are not in danger, you can have better health. You do not need to cope with bothersome symptoms when treatments are available.

Which Treatment is Right for You?

Treatment for low blood pressure depends on the cause of your condition and the severity of your symptoms. If you are suffering from severe or chronic hypotension, your doctor may prescribe medication.

There are some drugs used for this purpose. Midodrine and fludrocortisone are two of the most common. Your physician will prescribe the medication that is appropriate for your particular situation.

You should never take blood pressure medication that was not given to you by your doctor. As each medication works differently, the wrong medication can present serious health risks.

Natural Remedies

Moderate low blood pressure often responds to changes in diet and lifestyle habits. While you should not avoid using the medication if your doctor advises it, some changes can be helpful.

Depending on your general health and age, you can add more salt to your daily diet. Your blood pressure will rise from the extra sodium. Older people and individuals with heart problems should not take this approach. The sodium can increase their risk of heart failure. Pregnant women should also not increase their sodium intake.

Sports beverages can be an effective alternative. A sports drink will help you stay hydrated, and replace the electrolytes lost through sweat.

Drink plenty of water each day. Water will prevent dehydration and naturally increase your blood volume.

What causes low blood pressure?

Do not drink alcohol. While water decreases your risk of dehydration, alcohol has the opposite effect. You can become severely dehydrated from consuming alcohol.

Have a balanced, nutritious diet. Lean protein, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and whole grains will help you stay healthy. Reduce the number of carbohydrates you consume. You will have the best results if you eat some small meals each day.

If your physician approves, drink caffeinated beverages. This can lead to a temporary increase in your blood pressure. Choose tea or coffee instead of carbonated beverages.

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Develop the habit of moving slowly when you change your body’s positions. When you stand up too quickly, you are more likely to become lightheaded and dizzy.

Consider purchasing compression stockings. As blood can become pooled in the legs, compression hosiery can prevent or reduce this issue.

Avoid sitting, standing, or lying in one position for a long period. You need to move occasionally, especially your legs. This will help your blood circulate.

Some foods can help treat low blood pressure. Raisins, licorice, rosemary, milk, almonds, lemon juice, and carrot juice are natural products that you can try.

How Do You Know You Have Low Blood Pressure?

If you are concerned about your blood pressure, ask your physician for a test. It is simple, fast, and painless. If you prefer, you can buy a blood pressure monitor to use at home.

Stay alert to the symptoms of low blood pressure. Lightheadedness and dizziness, especially upon standing, are the most common. Other symptoms include fainting, extreme thirst, dehydration, fatigue, shallow or rapid breathing, clammy or cold skin, an inability to concentrate, nausea, and blurred vision.

All of these symptoms can be signs of other, more serious health issues. This is why you should not hesitate to see your physician if you experience symptoms. If a symptom is severe, came on suddenly, or is accompanied by a preexisting health condition, seek medical advice immediately. It is especially important if you lose consciousness, or believe you have an internal injury causing blood loss.

Making Decisions About the Treatment

Hypotension cannot always be prevented. A healthy diet and healthy lifestyle habits may slightly decrease your risk. However, many factors and causes are beyond your control.
The wisest approach is to consider your physician your health care partner. Regular examinations can detect low blood pressure before it can worsen. Your doctor can advise lifestyle changes before you need medication.

Informed consumers do not leave everything up to their doctors. You can know the signs of low blood pressure, and when it requires medical attention. You can stay healthy with low blood pressure treatment.

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